Advanced Uses for Google’s Site: Operator

You probably know that Google's site: operator lets you restrict results to a site or domain. Search for [ iran] to restrict the results for "Iran" to CNN's site, search for [ gmail tips] to find Gmail tips from this blog. You can also use the site: operator for top-level domains and search for [site:fr debussy] or [site:edu ai].

Google's site: operator is a lot more powerful than that. You can leave out some components of the address and replace them with asterisks. For example, you can find results from addresses that match this pattern: maps.*.com. Unfortunately, Google doesn't show all the results that match the pattern.


You can also find results that have URLs which start with "news." like "" or "". Just search for [site:news.*].

What if you want to search Amazon's international sites? Instead of typing [ OR OR OR OR], just search for [site:amazon.*].

Google's site: operator also works for directories. For example, you can find last year's posts about Gmail by searching for [ gmail].

You can even enter URLs that include parameters and leave out the parameters. Here's a way to search the Google Maps help center: [ inurl:"hl=en" 3d]. I've used the inurl: operator to restrict the results to English pages, but it's not necessary to do that.

How to restrict the results for [imap] to answers from Google's help centers? Search for: [*/answer imap].

稍微高级点的Google粉丝一定都知道“site:”这个搜索运算符,它可以让你限制Google只搜索固定域里的内容,比如搜索“ 谷歌”即可得到所有Complex网站里包含“谷歌”二字的内容。实际上关于“site:”搜索运算符还有好多不为人知的小技巧,今天就跟大家分享一下。


  • 搜索“maps.*.com”可得到所有以作为域的网站内容,不过可惜的是Google不会给你全部匹配的结果,只有一部分
  • 你可以将*放到任何位置,比如“site:news.*”即可得到news.cnet.com或news.discovery.com这种结果
  • 搜索“site:amazon.* glasses”即可找到全球亚马逊的眼镜商品


  • 有些博客是会按照年份来建立目录的,所以搜索“site:博客域名/2012 gmail”即可得到全部2012年发的包含gmail的文章
  • 甚至会支持目录后的参数,比如搜索“ inurl:"hl=en" 3d”即可得到所有Google帮助论坛里讨论3D的内容,这里inurl运算符是为了限制内容为英文
  • *结合目录来用:搜索“*/answer imap”即可得到Google帮助论坛里所有关于imap的回答


  • 跟网页搜索一样也支持*和目录。比如搜索“ beach”即可得到所有Flickr里海滩的图片
  • 搜索“site:photos.* oscar red carpet”即可得到全部图片站里关于奥斯卡红地毯的照片


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